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May 02, 2022

Best Methods To Use Smart Lighting In Your Milwaukee Home

From the bathroom and bedroom to the basement and family room, light bulbs throughout your home are a necessity. However, are you gaining the most from your bulbs? Why not improve the way you make use of light by incorporating smart lighting devices around your Milwaukee home.

What Are Smart Bulbs In Milwaukee

First off - what is a smart bulb? A smart light bulb is a LED bulb with WiFi connectivity, which allows a homeowner comprehensive command over your house’s lights. All through the use of an mobile app -- like a home security app.

Reduce the brightness of individual bulbs to any percentage without using a dimmer knob, or glance at your mobile device to see if you accidentally forgot to turn them off. Have your lights to come alive at a specific time -- like after you get out of bed -- and turn off on their own when it's time for bed. You can even adjust your lights to automatically create to the current mood, like at a fifth of their brightness during a movie. You can even connect your smart bulbs to Alexa or Google Nest and control your bulbs through your voice.

Smart Lighting Pairs With A Home Security System For The Penultimate Combination

Accessibility is just one advantage of smart lighting, though. Using smart bulbs are an effective means to improve your home security. Brightly lit homes are a [[hindrance|impediment|deterrent] to criminals. Intruders aim to cloak their identity and obscure their location in the night.

A house equipped with smart lighting are able to be operated by a Milwaukee automation that’s a function of a a home security system. You can create light patterns that replicate typical movement within the home, making it seem like the owners are moving from one spot to another. By having your smart bulbs turn on and off around the house, anyone who might be looking at your home will think that the residents are on the premises and moving around..

Where To Install Smart Lights

You don’t have to tweak your whole interior to use smart lights. In your Milwaukee home, the majority of smart light bulbs will be usable with your standard lamps and fixtures. Get started by assessing what areas you want to make “smart” out of the gate. You do not need to swap out every single light bulb, as It's not an one-or-none game. If you are overloaded by the concept of smart lighting, then place a single bulb and expand from there.

Heavy traffic spots and externally-visible lighting are perfect for smart light bulbs in Milwaukee.. To begin, consider the lamps and fixtures in the living room, bedroom, or dining room. The idea is to shine on a window enough for the glow to be seen to people outside. Definitely focus on lighting up the front of your main entrance as many burglaries happen through the main entryway.

As for the exterior of your home, make the jump to smart lighting for significant doorways to the home. Think about lights mounted by all doors, either in the front, side, or back of your residence. Don't forget the bulbs on your garage as well. If someone sneaks into your home via the garage, you can switch on that garage light with a press of a button.

Get Your Milwaukee Smart Lighting With Your Home Security System

Smart lights are easy to install and simple to use. With the guidance of a security professional, you can discover ways to utilize smart light bulbs in conjunction with your new home security system. Give us a call at (414) 376-0805 or submit the form below.